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My name: Amy Malloy

My blog: No More Shoulds

Find me on social media at:

  • www.facebook.com/nomoreshoulds
  • Instagram: @nomoreshoulds
  • Twitter: @nomoreshoulds

How I look:

Is this my first blogging event? Yup!

I will be wearing…

Green dress, gold shoes, probably a grin

What I hope to gain from #BML16:

Meet nice like-minded folk and get a taste for what it’s all about in this land of blogging. Do stop me and say hi. I’m an incurable nosy parker and love meeting new people. Oh and a little more web nouse would be handy.

My tips for a great conference:

Whilst this is my first blogging conference, I’ve had to attend loads in my day job. If you’re nervous or overwhelmed by all there is to do, you’re probably not the only one. A tip to nip it in the bud? 

Stop. Breathe. Watch.

  1. Stop: Feel the weight of your feet against the floor. (You can do this moving along if you don’t want to actually stop :-))
  2. Breathe: take 3 deep breaths
  3. Watch: Notice how the air going into your body is cool when you breathe in, but warm when you breathe out (It’s pretty fascinating when you stop to notice it). Try watching for a few more breaths.
  4. Then have a little sneaky peek at your thoughts and how you’re feeling. Whatever it is, it’s ok. They’re just thoughts. Everyone else is probably feeling EXACTLY the same on the inside. 

Take another breath, find your feet against the floor again, and head on out.

You’ll ace today! 

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